Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

University of Delhi


How to use Web-OPAC to Search Books


With the help of web-OPAC you can search the available books in the library

  1. To login in Web OPAC on an internet browser either type then click on online Library or directly open Library by typing
  3. To login enter your Membership ID in both User ID and Password
  4. To Select the language such as English, Hindi or Punjabi click on Search Book in option
  5. To search a book go to Advance Search and select any one such as Title, author, subject, ISBN, Call No. or Accession no
  6. To request any new book to the Librarian please click on Requisition – Send Requisition, fill it and Submit Request
  7. To find out what are the books you have borrowed, date of return, fine etc. by clicking on MyAccount
  8. Note : If you found any difficulty, you are free to contact us by clicking on Contact us fill the required details and Submit Request