Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

University of Delhi


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The College Library comes into existence along with foundation of the college in the year 1984. The library offers a wide range of computerized services. Its aim is to provide timely and right documents/information on variety of subjects. The college maintains a well stocked and well equipped, centrally air conditioned Library with computerized user friendly services. The library is using NETTLIB software system for providing efficient services. The Collection of the Library at present consists of more than 49000 books, 300 bound volumes of important journals and about 745CD’s on various subjects. The Library regularly subscribes to about 29 newspapers, 47 journals and magazines (Indian as well as foreign) on variety of subjects. The Library has rich collection of books specially on Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Management, Sports, General Studies and Sikhism. The Library provides facility with open access system, spacious reading room and references section.

(Dr. Gurdev Singh)

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